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April 26, 2015

ENCOUNTER MEETING:  Session 2 of our Ephesians Bible Study will be this Wednesday, from 6:30-8 PM.  We will be focusing on Ephesians, chapters 3 & 4.  Join us as we learn about the book of Ephesians, why it was written and how we can put its truths into practice in our everyday lives.

ADOPT AN ISLAND:  Volunteers are needed to help maintain the church grounds.  We need lots of volunteers; if you can weed every week or just one time this summer!  If you would be interested, please pick up a flier from the Connections Table and see Pastor Diane.

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL:  Ladies, do you want to help out at the Strawberry Festival this year?  The festival is on Saturday, June 6, and raises money for their ministry to mothers and children in need.  We will be helping with the quilt sale, from 11:30-3 PM.  4 more ladies are needed; 1 to pull quilts and get them ready and 1 lady who is taller to walk the quilts through the crowd for display and 1 sit down job. Sign up at the Connections Table if you would like to help.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Ladies!  The Ladies Spring Tea is scheduled for Saturday, May 16.   Cost: $10 for adults, $5 for age 3-12,  & under 3, free.  The theme this year is Princess of the King.  The tea this year is open to women and girls, all ages and will be held at Teresa Sparks' home.  Sign up deadline is next Sunday, May 3.

INVESTORS:  Are you ready to invest your time and talents in the kingdom of God?  Start volunteering at Summit!  There are many ways to get involved!  There are needs in the Helps Ministry, Children's and Nursery and Projection.  Pick up a Volunteer application from the Connections Table.

SHARING JESUS:  We have been sharing the gospel through the passing out tracts for 45 weeks now.  If 30 people in the church have faithfully passed out one tract per week, we have reached 1,380 people with the gospel!  Continue to pray for boldness and the direction of the Holy Spirit as you share Christ.  Take as many tracts and Life Books from the Connections Table as you like. Don't forget to give us a 1 minute video of how you have been sharing Jesus. This is such a great encouragement to others!

April 29  6:30-8 PM Encounter Meeting-Ephesians
May    3  Altar Worker's Meeting
May 16  11:30-2 PM Ladies Spring Tea

Stand for Marriage Sunday:
Religious Freedom at Risk
April 2015 |

Marriage was the first institution created by God in the book of Genesis. One man and one woman in a marriage covenant relationship for life is the divine pattern expressed throughout the Bible. Quoting from Genesis 1 and 2, Jesus declared:

Have you not read that at the beginning, the Creator made them male and female, and said: `For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh?' So they are no longer two but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate (Matthew 19:4-6).

A good marriage enables people to be happier, live longer, and build more economic security. Marriage is also the form of relationship that is uniquely suited for childrearing, which is why it is a matter of vital public concern and not just a "private matter." In fact, marriage is a public, social contract for which the law requires witnesses. Why? It has profound implications for the common good, for the health of society.

Marriage impacts children. Wherever possible, children should be reared in the context of the bond between the two parents whose marital union gave them life. Research shows that when both genders are represented in the parenting role, children have the best opportunity for health, wellbeing, development, and success in life. As Dr. James Dobson notes, "More than ten thousand studies have concluded that kids do best when they are raised by mothers and fathers." Every civilization has been built upon the institution of marriage. It is the foundation. The happiness and success of individuals, the welfare and security of children, and the soundness of society, are all largely dependent upon the stability of marriage according to the divine pattern.

On April 28, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for and against redefining marriage in America. Though marriage between a man and a woman has existed since the beginning, the time-honored institution is under fire. For nearly 20 years, the debate has raged. Before federal judges began to overturn marriage laws, 30 states had protected natural marriage. Now the High Court is poised to decide for us all. It is time for our voices to be heard in this debate


Natural Marriage is under fire. LGBT Activists believe victory is at
hand. They hope to quickly quash any opposition to their agenda, which is no longer simply legal recognition in the law but to silence people of faith from dissent and even force us to celebrate what God has clearly called sin. They want the Supreme Court to believe that Christians will stand silently by and allow marriage to be redefined.

If there was ever a time for the Church of the Lord Jesus to pray
fervently and speak up firmly for marriage, the family and our
freedom, that time is now. What can we do specifically?

Action Step 1: Pray for the Court and for our Country regarding marriage. Spend time today during worship in prayer for the Supreme Court Justices and the Attorneys arguing the case for marriage during Oral Arguments on Tuesday, April 28. Commit to pray until the ruling is issued in late June. The names of the justices: Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito, Justice Stephen Breyer
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice Elena Kagan, Justice Anthony Kennedy, Justice Antonin Scalia, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Justice Clarence Thomas

Action Step 2: Proclaim your beliefs about natural marriage. We
provide some sample Facebook posts and Tweets for social media and letters to the editor for your local newspaper. Visit for more.

Action Step 3: Plan on hosting a #Free to Believe gathering at your
home. Invite family and friends and show the documentary: One
Generation Away, an awarding-winning film that spells out in clear
detail the issue of religious liberty in America today, largely against the backdrop of the marriage debate before us right now. Visit for more details.

Read Lev. 18:22 and Romans chapter 1


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