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August 31, 2014

FAMILY SUNDAY:  You are invited to join us after the service for coffee and desserts.  Stay and talk awhile!

HEART'S DESIRE:  Our Heart's Desire lady, Kimberly Linza, will be moving back to Ukraine in September.  Be sure to donate to the Heart's Desire Fund next week, so we can help her establish a new household.

SUMMIT CHURCH 20TH ANNIVERSARY:  On Sunday Sept. 21, we will be celebrating the church's 20th Anniversary with a special service and banquet.  We will need to know if you will be attending  so we can have a count for the banquet.  Someone will ask you at the door today and next Sunday.  Also, be sure to let us know what Summit Church has meant to you over the years, so we can include that in the program. Be sure to turn in any thoughts, comments or testimonies you have by next Sunday.

YOUTH HANG OUT NIGHT:  Come and bring some friends on Friday, Sept. 19, from 7-9 to hang out, play some games, eat some food and study God's Word.

BIBLE STUDY!  Pastor Terry will be teaching a 4-week Bible Study titled, "Jeremiah Speaks to America,"  starting Wednesday, Sept. 24.  We will learn how the message of Jeremiah speaks to America today.  We will meet on Wednesday evenings, from 6:30-8 PM.  There will be study to be done at home, along with discussion time.  The study book can now be ordered at the Connections Table for $10.

CANDY COLLECTION:  We are going to start collecting bagged candy for 2 children's outreaches we are doing in October.  On October 29, we will be at Rockwood Summit for the Trunk or Treat and on Oct. 31, the will be a Fall Party for kids at Summit Church.  Bring lots and lots of candy!

THANK YOU!  Thank you, ladies of Summit Church and A Higher Standard Women's Ministry!  $115 was raised through the Pampered Chef Party for John & Shirley Cissell's upcoming ministry in Panama. The money will be used to provide school uniforms to needy kids. These kids cannot go to school without their uniforms. It is a great way to be able to share with these families how much God loves them! Thank you Debbie Knott for organizing this!

HELPS & CHILDREN WORKERS:  Your September schedules are ready!  You may also find your schedule on Summit's website.   
ONE MILE OF PENNIES: Treasure Seeker's Children's Ministry is collecting pennies this year to help support Rolando and Holly Herrera and their ministry to children.  Their goal is to collect 84,480 pennies, which equals "One Mile of Pennies."  Pennies may be dropped off at the Missions Table or in Children's Church.  Thank you to those who have been bringing in their change!!! The kids have collected over $200 in pennies so far.

LIBRARY:  Summit Church is blessed to have a member's lending library located just to the right of the platform.  It's filled with books, bible study guides, CDs for teaching and listening to music, DVDs for teaching and Christian entertainment.  It's a great resource to find out more about missionaries and the amazing things God does in their ministries.  Stop by and check something out.  The Children's and Youth Ministries also have their own Libraries!  How cool is that!

BECOME A FAN!  Check out Summit Church Fenton on Facebook & become a fan!  You'll get updates on church activities & photos of recent events.  

SHARING JESUS:  We have been sharing the gospel through the passing out tracts for 13 weeks now.  If 30 people in the church have faithfully passed out one tract per week, we have reached 390 people with the gospel!  Continue to pray for boldness and the direction of the Holy Spirit as you share Christ.  Take as many tracts and Life Books from the Connections Table as you like.

LOVE BABIES AND KIDS?  We are looking for some great people to minister to babies and kids at Summit. If you would like to serve in the Nursery or Children's Church, please fill out a Volunteer Connection from the Connections Table.  We could use 3 more volunteers in the Nursery and 4 more volunteers in Children's Church.

SINGLE WOMEN!  If you are a single woman, living on your own, and a member of Summit, we would like to assist you in getting your oil changed.  For more information, pick up a flier from the Connections Table.

Sept. 19  7-9 Youth Hang-Out Night
Sept. 21  Church 20th Anniversary Banquet
Sept. 24  6:30-8 PM Jeremiah Speaks to America Bible Study
Oct. 19  Mighty Men Bowling
Oct. 29  Trunk or Treat Outreach at Summit High School
Oct. 31  Children's Ministry Fall Party

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