February 25, 2018

WELCOME VISITORS!  We are so glad you visited today.  You are important to us!  We hope you will be encouraged by the service today.  If you are visiting for the first time, please fill out the visitor tab from the Welcome Brochure and take it to the Connections Table for a free gift. 

FAMILY NEWS:  Our sympathy to Adam and Shelley Myers for the loss of Shelley's stepfather.  Their address is on the Connections Table, so you may send them a card of comfort and support.

ANTI-GRAVITY:  If you're a teenager between the grades of 7-12, be sure to be at anti-Gravity Youth, this Tuesday, at 7 PM! 

WATER BAPTISM:  The Water Baptism has been rescheduled for this Wednesday evening, Feb. 28 at Rockwood Summit High School.  If you wish to be water baptized and have not already signed up, please contact the church office.

KIDS ART NIGHT:  We have a special night planned for the kids!  Bring a carload of kids for Kids Art Night this Friday, March 2, from 7-9 PM for ages 5 years to 6th grade.

ENCOUNTER MEETING:  We will be continuing our study of the book of Hebrews, starting on Tuesday, March 6. The book of Hebrews compares the old covenant with the new, showing how much better Jesus is.  Join us, as we nourish our spirits with the word of God. 

WHY ARE THERE MASS SHOOTINGS IN THE US?  Last Sunday, Pastor Terry gave a sobering message addressing the mass shootings in the US.  We encourage you to listen to it again and share it with your family and friends. Go to www.summitchurch.us/Sermons.  The sermon is title "A Generation."

HEALTH & WELLNESS:  If you missed out on Wednesday's teaching on our diets and keeping healthy, stop by Summit's website and listen to the teaching.  You can change your health dramatically by what you eat!

SNOW CANCELLATION POLICY:  If a church service needs to be canceled due to inclement weather, a text will be sent out to the Summit members and a message will be left on the church answering machine.  It will also be listed on KSDK and on ksdk.com. 

SHARING JESUS:  We are sharing the gospel through the passing out of tracts.  Pray over your tracts!  Pray that God will direct you to the right people to give them to. Continue to pray for boldness and the direction of the Holy Spirit as you share Christ.    "Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold." 2 Cor 3:12-13  NIV

GIVING:  For your convenience, Summit Church offers online giving and text to give.  You may text the amount you'd like to give to 314-888-9741 or go to summitchurch.us and click "Giving" on the menu bar.

LADIES CRAFT NIGHT:  Ladies, ages 11 years and up, we are getting together for a craft night on Friday, March 9, from 7-8:30.  This night will be geared toward inviting friends to church to enjoy some down time.  We will be making bracelets!  You can register on facebook or at the Connections Table.  Cost for the event is $5 per person.

VOLUNTEER OF THE WEEK:  Did you encourage our Volunteer of the Week on facebook this week?  Every week, we will be highlighting one of our wonderful volunteers as "Volunteer of the Week" on facebook.  Be sure to stop by Summit Church Fenton on facebook and let the Volunteer of the Week know how much you appreciate them!!!  

SECRET SISTERS:  Ladies-your secret communication with your Secret Sister can be dropped off in the hat box at the Connections Table.  Be sure to stop by the Connections Table on your way out of church to see if there is anything there for you!  

Feb. 27  7-8:30 PM anti-GRAVITY Teen Night
Feb. 28  8:15 PM  Water Baptism at Rockwood Summit High School
Mar.   2  7-9 PM Kids Art Night, ages 5 years-6th grade
Mar.   6  7-8 PM Hebrews-Jesus is Better Part 2 begins
Mar. 9  7-8:30 PM Ladies Craft Night

1. Have no other gods. 
2. Have no idols. 
3. Honor God's name. 
4. Honor the Sabbath day. 
5. Honor your parents. 
6. Do not murder. 
7. Do not commit adultery. 
8. Do not steal. 
9. Do not lie. 
10. Do not covet.
"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"
Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'
This is the first and greatest commandment.
And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'
Matt 22:36-39  NIV

"Have you noticed? Half-hearted obedience easily leads to whole-hearted disobedience. Let's go all-out for God."  – Chuck Swindoll

"Oh, when shall we learn how unspeakably pleasing obedience 
is in God's sigh, and how unspeakable is the reward 
He bestows upon it."  – Andrew Murray

"Our Lord told His disciples that love and obedience were organically united. The final test of love is obedience."
– W. Tozer
"Cultivate prompt, exact, unquestioning, joyous obedience to every command that it is evident from its context applies to you. Be on the lookout for new orders from your King. Blessing lies in the direction of obedience to them. God's commands are but signboards that mark the road to present success and blessedness 
and to eternal glory." – A. Torrey

"The golden rule for understanding in spiritual matters
 is not intellect, but obedience."  – Oswald Chambers